Stermenszky One Name Study


This is a small one-name study of the STERMENSZKY families and their descendants, plus their namesakes worldwide.

In doing the family history, I discovered that my Mother's Grandmother's surname of Sterman was neither English nor Austrian. I traced it back to a small village in the Carpathian region of Northern Hungary, which is where I began my Stermenszky name study. I fell in love with the process of collecting the Stermenszkys wherever they landed. I followed some proven surname changes in other countries and encountered many interesting surname variations along the way.

I do include indexed records which I will eventually access and transcribe. There is no complete guarantee given for every bit of information contained in the material collected and presented here. It is also subject to further revision. The site is a combination of events-based records as well as sourced-based family tree construction.

The variants contained in this one-name study are Štermenski, Štermenský, Stermenszki, Stermenski, Strmensky, Stermensky, Stirminski and Sterminski . There is a small proven branch of Stermans in the USA. Stermenczky, Stermencsky, Sztermensky, Sztrmensky and Stermencski are variants included at this stage of the study.

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